When the coffee is finished - some clever tricks

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my site more about coffee mug tree today.There are several things you can do after the coffee is ready to make it taste even better. Here we give you some great tips.

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Stir the pot

After the coffee is served and you will touch it. This is important because the first 40% of the water hitting the coffee, pull up with 80% of flavorings. The last of the coffee flowing into the jug will be weaker, and it remains at the top of the container. If not done, the first serving get weak coffee, and the last too strong.

Mix the coffee urn in the machine
Have urn maker with tap must also ensure that the coffee is properly mixed. Once the coffee is brewed done, drain the third of the coffee and turn it into the container again. Then the strong and the weak coffee blended well. Never pour the coffee through the coffee filter again.

Make it a habit to remove the filter and coffee grounds once the coffee is brewed finished.

Preheat the thermos jug first!

Pour hot water into the jug and leave it a bit.